(simplified + traditional) Hanyi Senty Tang Type

Hanyi Senty Tang Type (汉仪新蒂唐朝体) is a font that was designed with a based on mashed up Chinese Tang Dynasty calligraphy style and wood carving type style. The font has visual identity for both calligraphy and Song Ti (宋体) type. It has a whopping 21000+ letters including both simplified and traditional Chinese, and also Japanese characters.

Worth mentioning is that the Latin characters in this font is custom designed too, based on the Carolingian Miniscule style that existed around the same time as Tang Dynasty, which produced a harmonic blend with the other characters.

Usage Permission

  • Free for personal projects only
  • For licensing enquiries: Hanyi


Download Hanyi Senty Tang Type

* To download, visit the page above and look for link label “SentyTang.ttf”. Click to download.

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