(simplified + traditional) Hanyi Senty Crayon

My favorite Chinese type foundry has released this new typeface called Henti Senty Crayon (汉仪新蒂蜡笔体) that resembles handwriting with crayon, as the name suggests. The font design is well presented on how the texture and the sense of the writing with crayons, especially by children when they first exploring the fun of drawing and writing with crayons on a big piece of an artboard.

Hanyi Senty Crayon is packed with simplified and traditional Chinese characters, as well as Latin characters. You can download and use it for personal use only.

Usage Permission

  • Free for personal use only


Download Hanyi Senty Crayon

* To download, visit the page above and look for the font name as highlighted below. The download link is on the right side of the row.

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