(simplified) MF TongXin Non-commercial


MakeFont has released a new series of creative fonts for us to buy or download for free for non-commercial use. MF TongXin (造字工房童心体) inherits the usual styles of MakeFont fonts but with modifications to make the letter strokes slanted and also rounded edges, turning it into a more casual and naive design, thus the name “TongXin” (Children’s heart).

Usage Permission

  • Free for non-commercial use


Download MF TongXin Non-commercial

* To download, visit the page above and look for the section (last one) on the right sidebar of the web page as pointed below. The steps that you need to do is to follow MakeFont on Wechat (id: makefont), then text them “正版下载” to get the download code. Enter the code to the input field and then press the button below. The download will start automatically.


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