(simplified) Ye Gen You Tang Kai Fei Mo Trial

Ye Gen You Tang Kai Fei Mo

Font Details

Ye Gen You Tang Kai Fei Mo (叶根友唐楷飞墨版字体体验版) is a Tang-style calligraphy that was written by calligrapher/font designer Ye Gen You. The unique feature of this Chinese font is each characters are added with ink splatters. This free font was released as a trial version and only for personal use only.

Usage Permission

Free for personal-use only.


Download the font on Baidu Pan

Once you landed on the page above, you will be prompted to enter password to proceed. The password is “lg94” (without quote). Enter and click on the blue button to proceed.

Enter password: lg94

Then on the next page, look for the download link as pointed below. Click to download the font.

Download button

Source: Ye Gen You

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