Star Love Pencil

Star Love Pencil (宅在家自动笔) is a handwriting style Chinese font that was written with mechanical pencil. This font is a creation of a Taiwanese netizen “天天宅在家” which literally means “Stay home everyday”, this font embodies the spirit of staying home, having that sense of casualness, however still expresses a fair bit of order and consistency. The characteristics of mechanical pencil also being displayed clearly with the ever so consistent width across all strokes of the letters.

Star Love Pencil supports both simplified and traditional Chinese characters, with supporting characters up to GB2312 standard (6763 characters in total). The author mentioned that this font is free for personal and commercial use.

Usage Permission

  • Free for personal and commercial use.


Download Star Love Pencil

To download, visit the page above and click on the yellow download button highlighted below. The download should start immediately right after. After installing the font, you will find it under the “Star Love Pencil” name.

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